Dave McArthur

Late in 1999 Dave McArthur, a Steveston resident, Richmond realtor and musician, had an idea for starting up a Folk Club. First priority - finding a inique, informal setting, suitable for acoustic performers. Not too big, not too formal, and with reasonable acoustics.

When he visited the Britannia Shipyard, he knew he'd found the perfect spot. He met with their Board of Directors, gave them a proposal to think about, and the Steveston Folk Guild (SFG) was born. With hard work on Dave's part and the assistance of the staff, Directors and volunteers of the Society, the Folk Guild was born on February 2000.

Now in year twenty-two, the Guild is attracting performers from as far away as Toronto, Vancouver Island. Richmond Maine, and even San Francisco. Such high calibre performers attract a fullhouse every month - clear evidence of how many "folk" share Dave's love of music.