Show time 7.30pm, 3rd Thursday of each month. $12.00 at the door
Chinese Bunkhouse at Britannia Shipyard

Thursday December 14th. Chinese Bunkhouse at Britannia Shipyard

Sangre Morena

Sangre Morena, our favourite Latin American duo, are performing a program of Christmas songs from their extensive repertoire. They have a great collection of songs from Mexico, Latin America, and Spain, and bring the most beloved Spanish language songs to life with beautiful passionate singing, accompanied by the fiery sounds of the Flamenco guitar.

Sangre Morena is Elsa and Jose’, and is a combination of Elsa’s soulful singing and Jose’ passionate guitar playing, whether it be a delicate Spanish “Bolero” or the spicy rendition of a Rumba. This will be a great show and a fitting finale to our 2023 concert series. Be there.