Welcome back

Well everyone, we are finally back after wandering in the covid wilderness for 2-½ years. We hope to see you at the Chinese Bunkhouse once again.


Show time 7.30pm, 3rd Thursday of each month. $12.00 at the door
Chinese Bunkhouse at Britannia Shipyard

There will not be a concert on Thursday August 18th, as the Bunkhouse is undergowing display setup for the Maritime Festival that coming weekend.

Thursday Sept 15th. Chinese Bunkhouse at Britannia Shipyard

Darryl Klassen

A true musical Road Warrior with loads of folkie songs from the ‘60’s and lots of original songs to boot. The 1960’s and the folk music revival, were a big influence on Darryl, with exposure to major names like Doc Watson, J.J. Cale, and Hoyt Axton to name a few.

His music (his own words) is a ragtag collection of original songs about boats, trains, coffee (and some women too), old cowboys, foot stomping guitar and banjo tunes. Darryl calls it “Highbrow Hillbilly“music.

Darryl has several cd’s to his credit,"Coal Train", and "Waltz with the Wind", exclusively his own songs. His recent love is the banjo and he loves playing old time styles ,with their wonderfully weird tunings. With friend Joe Klingler, he formed J.D Miner back in 2008, and a lot of good songs came out of that partnership including the cd “Ain’t No Ordinary Hillbilly”.

With a love of building wooden boats and some scary sailing on the West Vancouver Island coast, and work with First Nations communities around B.C the last 25 years, Darryl has done it all. Hi music will set your feet a tapping.