Thursday July 18th - Chinese Bunkhouse at Britannia Shipyard

"Illiteratty" Showtime 7.30pm $10 at the door

Illiteratty is a folk band from Vancouver, BC. We play metafolk, meaning, original swing, European cabaret, ambient, celtic, rockabilly, a cappella, folk, world, pop, (did I mention folk?); with sharp lyrics and up to 5 part vocals. The instrumentation is from 3 to 6 peopl with a full complement of guitar, mandolin, violin, keys/accordion, standup bass & small percussion. It's funny, angry, idiosyncratic, intelligent, and extremely varied

Earle Peach and Illiteratty perform original and innovative tunes which draw inspiration from world music, folk, and jazz. Mostly the band plays songs written by Earle, with many rich four part harmonies. Earle, with his background in choirs, film & theatre, is always composing music, for which Illeratty is a perfect outlet for his creations. Folks, it just doesn't get any better than this. Comprised of Earle Peach, Albert Klassen, Kirsten Daub, Simon Kendall, Natalie Philp on bass and Wes Skakun on percussion,m all seasoned musicians with a variety of backgrounds, bound together to make fine music. This group will make you happy, and will make you dance and sing

Thursday August 15th.- Chinese Bunkhouse at Britannia Shipyard

"Simon Kempston" Showtime 7.30pm $10 at the door

SFG welcomes Simon Kempston, "one of Scotland's best songwriters"(The Sunday Herald) and leading fingerstyle guitarists, performs music is steeped in the history of the folk, blues and celtic traditions and is complemented by Simon's rich, powerful and compelling clipped vocal style.

His unique talent shows through in his thought-provoking, evocative, original songs portrayed in a wonderfully intimate setting. His beautifully crafted folk-tinged material showcases his incredible, distinctive and intricate fingerstyle guitar work - an exciting blend of the folk-baroque, blues and classical styles, and his gently nuanced, compelling tenor vocals.

An inspiring, poetic lyricist, Simon's live performances are intense and impassioned, the subject matter chiefly Scottish, yet with universal appeal. Simon will be playing songs from his latest cd "Vanishing act: and from "Onward she travels". This special Vancouver concert is not to be missed. 'Stunning talent'(STV). 'Beautiful tunes, infinitely talented' (BBC Radio 3).

Thurs September 19th. - Chinese Bunkhouse at Britannia Shipyard

"Chanteclair" Showtime 7.30pm $10 at the door

"CHANTECLAIR" are Sandi Cleary, Gloria Fraser and Brenda Johnson - three distinct voices that together make a rich and sweet-toned sound.

Discovering a mutual love for folk, gospel and jazz while singing in a cappella chorus 2 years ago, they decided to step out on their own and formed Chanteclair. Influenced by the likes of the "Wailin Jennys", "3 Sheets to the Wind" and "Mountain Men", they have been thrilled to perform at local venues, most recently at the Princeton Traditional Music Festival in 2018, as they hone their sublime a cappella harmonies.

Sandi and Gloria have long histories of singing in a variety of choruses including Barbershop, while Brenda was classically trained in her early years, later switching to jazz and spiritual music in different choirs as well. With their varying backgrounds each of this trio is unique in their individual expressions. But together their beautiful a cappella harmonies and unique interpretations create a strong folk sound that is sure to please and entertain.