Thurs December 13th. - Chinese Bunkhouse at Britannia Shipyard

"Sangre Morena" Mexican Xmas. Showtime 7.30pm

SFG once more welcomes the return of this wonderful duo to present our final concert for 2018. This year we will experience the duo's Xmas show with some beutiful Mexican Xmas songs.

Sangre Morena is Elsa Rojas Marquez and José Gimenez. Elsa and José have been performing together as Sangre Morena since 2007, playing traditional songs ranging from Spanish Flamenco to the romantic ballads of Mexico. Originally from Cordoba, in the state of Veracruz in Mexico, Elsa's Spanish/Italian roots blend an authentic sensitive art and naive charm with a fiery expressive performance! Elsa's unique style combines great emotional power as brought out by the Mexican "Ranchero" song and the Flamenco "Cante Jondo", along with the delicate sensitivity of Spanish "Boleros" and "Baladas" and then the spicy touch for the singing of Rumbas!

José Gimenez hails from a family of Spanish descent in the Philippines. He spent a large part of his youth living in South America, where he became greatly influenced by its music. Jos&eacte has been playing classical guitar and Flamenco for over twenty years. José embraces the Spanish and Latin American cultures as his own, and as such his repertoire contains Flamenco songs, classical guitar music, Boleros, Rancheras and other sultry Latin American styles. He has performed as a solo guitarist and as an accompanist for singers and dancers. José is described as a "humble man", with the charm to capture an audience with his genuine style, and as a performer as "playful, joyful and genuine as he can be serious to hit the strings of his guitar while playing a serious Soleares or Seguiriya, transporting the audience to a magical soulful place".

Sangre Morena is not just the combination of Elsa's soulful singing and Josés passionate guitar playing. It is the depth of the expression, the mutual correspondance, the constant communication and response between guitarist and singer that make each performance and each song into something special. Add that to Elsa's magnetic personality and engaging style, along with José's ability to support Elsa's improvisations, and you have a performance that always brings the appreciation of the audience. This will be a great show, and is a fitting finale to the many fabulous musicians that have performed at SFG in 2018.

Thurs March 21st. - Chinese Bunkhouse at Britannia Shipyard

"John Bowman" Showtime 7.30pm

I first heard John play and sing at a recent Ranj Sing concert and was struck by his great voice and wordpower, You are going to love this guy.

John Bowman is a singer/songwriter based in Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada. John is a veteran guitar player, who uses a finger-picking style of playing. He writes songs in the genres of singer-songwriter, folk, and blues.

John has released three CDs, "Beach on the Ocean" in 2011 and "Alone on a Saturday Night" in 2013 and "Tourist Town" in 2016. John's musical influences include James Taylor, Harry Chapin, Bruce Springsteen and Jackson Brown. John is currently in the recording studio working on a fourth CD, "Love, Grace and Gratitude", which should be released in February or March, 2019. John is a regular performer at various Farmer's Markets throughout the Lower Mainland. John continues to work at the craft of song writing, co-writing with other songwriters, and providing feedback to help other songwriters.